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Outward Bound Mexico works with other non-profit organizations and donations to offer outward bound programs accessible to young people in vulnerable situations.

At-risk youth

OB México offers programs that give young people at risk constructive alternatives for the future. Our courses do not give the solution to the participant but help them to discover that the solution is within oneself, that a disadvantaged past does not have to mean a disadvantaged future.

We are proposing to transform communities with the influence of transformed and empowered individuals. We help people develop compassion and a positive attitude that is full of determination towards life and its difficulties.

Social groups

The experience

Outward Bound is so shocking because of how real it is. The challenges are real. The problems are real. The consequences of our decisions are real. And this experience becomes a metaphor for life.

The participants leave dreams destroyed behind and begin to trust themselves. Generally, at-risk youth are in a vicious circle-a circle that traps them and makes them prone to repeat unacceptable acts and behaviors, which have extremely negative social repercussions.

This makes them even more marginalized by society and the cycle repeats itself. It's very difficult to break this cycle without some kind of intervention.

Outward Bound social programs are an intervention alternative; An explosive experience that deeply questions old acts of behavior and models of thought, and that through tangible examples of regenerative actions, they give alternatives of paradigm change.


Consider making a tax-deductible contribution to help us provide this outward Bound program to at-risk youth, which is paramount in our mission as an organization.

An OB Mexico experience changes your life