A journey through the rainforest and archaeological zone with great cultural and ecological content.



  • Maya Bell Cabins in the jungle within the Palenque nature Reserve

  • Pre-Hispanic temples and tunnels that are immersed in the rainforest knowing first hand the vegetation and ecosystem of the place

  • Hike to Bolon Ahau, which in Maya means "the 9 Lords of the Underworld". An iconic sacred place where the blue Water river converges with the Shumuljá River forming 9 impressive waterfalls.

  • Zapatista community of Roberto Barrios and a traditional indigenous lunch

What kind of experience and where?

type of Venue: Residential – Expedition
suggested Min-Max Duration: 4 -15 days
Difficulty Range: Basic-Medium-advanced
Altitude: 60msnm
Season: Intense rainy season August and September
How many people can participate in this venue?: 70

What activities can be done?

Hiking, navigation map compass, cruise expedition, swimming in rivers and waterfalls, horseback riding, archaeological zone, trades workshops

What are the characteristics that make this destination special?

Protected Natural Area
Rainforest, Zona Archaeological

National Park

An OB Mexico experience changes your life