The methodological basis of our programs is experiential learning through which the participants of outward Bound move through a sequence of planned experiences that promote the mastery of technical skill, and challenges that give rise to deep reflection and self-knowledge of both their potential and their limits. Throughout the expedition, participants learn from their successes and failures.

The Environments where the outward Bound expeditions and the adventure activities take place are routes that are chosen and made to challenge our participants mentally and physically. Amid the demands of the expedition, students learn to push their boundaries and to dig deep within themselves, where they often find that there is much more to them than they believed.

Each expedition is designed to support the Security physical and emotional security of all involved. Our qualified Instructors use group facilitation methods that foster a group culture that is positive, inclusive and supports the natural world around them generating truely meaningful learning spaces.


We teach and work with these values:


By showing concern for others and acting in a spirit of respect and generosity. Engage selflessly in the well-being and dignity of others.

Integrity and self-confidence

By acting honestly and being responsible for your decisions and actions. To be ingenious, to recognize and to apply personal strengths.

Masters in our actions

Be the best version of yourself, looking for the skill in your actions and living a healthy and balanced life. Demonstrate quality and intent in our actions.

Self-sufficiency and physical fitness

Build personal resilencing. To assess the physical and emotional resistance to face the challenges of life.

Design principles

We rely on these principles to design and share our programs:

Learning through Experience

Facilitating intresantes, relevant and sequential experiences that promote mastery of skills and incorporate reflection and transfer of learning.

Learning both success and defeat.

Challenge and Adventure

Using unfamiliar scenarios that encourage students to participate in demanding experiences both mentally, emotionally and physically.

Through the use and appropriate domain of risk.

Safe environment

Designing experiences that support both physical and emotional security.

Developing a positive, inclusive and empathetic group culture.


These are the results common to all our programs, which we measure:

Character development

Demonstrating greater self-confidence and autonomy.

Showing compassion for others and living a healthy and balanced life.


Demonstrating the ability to set goals, as well as the ability to inspire and guide others to achieve them.

Demonstrating the ability to collaborate, communicate, and solve problems and conflicts in an effective way.


Demostranro social and environmental responsibility.

Actively engaging in service to others.

An OB Mexico experience changes your life