Isla Tiburón

Isla Tiburón

Kayak expedition and aquatic activities in desert and mangrove areas



Isla Tiburon comprises an extension of 120.100 ha, within which are the small islands of St. Stephen, Turner and Ducks. The island shark, the largest of the Republic, was inhabited by the Seris, who attributed to the place a high religious significance.

Although at first glance the island does not seem more than a heavy rock in the middle of the sea, it has interesting natural attractions, such as the Sierras la Menor and Kunkaak, that cross it in almost all its length to finish both in the valley of the Tecomate, which is of a stunning beauty.

En la isla se han identificado una gran cantidad de especies de plantas terrestres y unas 63 especies de plantas marinas. En cuanto a las especies animales, se han registrado unas 205 aves marinas y terrestres, 31 especies de reptiles y anfibios y un enorme número de peces que habitan en los litorales de la isla.

What kind of experience and where?

Type of Venue/Experience: Expedition
suggested Min-Max Duration: 5 – 8 days
Difficulty Range: Medium-Advanced
altitude: 0 MASL
Temporada: Temporada de huracanes sep-nov
How many people can participate in this venue?: 30

What activities can be done?

Hiking, navigation map compass, Kayak, expedition cruise, swimming in rivers and waterfalls, fishing, caves, craft workshops

What are the characteristics that make this destination special?

Biosphere Reserve
Desert, mosque, mangrove


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