Tour of 25 kms of rafting in the rainforest



The Filobobos River is located in the municipality of Tlapacoyan, Veracruz, 9 km from the community of the same name. The part of the river known as the high phylum begins near the community of Zapotitlán.

The tour of the Filobobos River is approximately 25 km, starting from the community Bridge Filo to the bridge of the Palmilla. During the journey you can admire a beautiful tropical rainforest and local and migratory birds.
For the navigation of this river, the experts distinguish three segments: the upper, the intermediate and the low Filobobos.

What kind of experience and where?

type of Venue: Residential
suggested Min-Max Duration: 3 – 7 days
Difficulty Range: Basic-Medium-advanced
altitude: 500-800 MASL
Season: Intense rainy season August and September
How many people can participate in this venue?: 60

What activities can be done?

Rafting, zip line, climbing, camnata in jungle, swimming in river, navigation map Compass, rappel, craft workshops, archeological zone

What are the characteristics that make this destination special?

Protected Natural Area
Rainforest, High jungle


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