Outward Bound Mexico Residential destinations

We offer a wide range of locations, and venues for each program to be custom designed according to the particular needs and objectives of each group. The versatility of our programs as well as the experience of our facilitators lead to significant learning moments that will happen throughout an expedition, we'll take you through notable challenges, all the while still in the vicinity of your cabins/tents or within the facilities of a luxurious hotel, you choose.

Each of our suggested venues has its charm and challenge.

Organize your own experience


Sierra Norte Expedition of Oaxaca – Fog forest. Spectacular camping sites and ecotourism project cabins. Ecotourism corridor of the joint peoples of Oaxaca. Relationship with indigenous uses and customs. Crafts workshops...


Temples and pre-Hispanic tunnels that are immersed in the rainforest knowing first hand the vegetation and ecosystem of the place. Hike to Bolon Ahau, which in Maya means "the 9 Lords of the Underworld". An iconic sacred place where the blue Water river converges with the Shumuljá River forming 9 impressive waterfalls...

Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz

Backpacking by the jungle and mangrove crossing within the Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve

La Chinantla

Sierra Chinanteca – Selva expedition Spectacular sites for camping and cabins of indigenous ecotourism projects. CORENCHI Bio-Cultural corridor, ancestral socio-environmental relationship, crafts workshops, socio-environmental work projects, regional food Creole.
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