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During the year, we offer one or two open expeditions and or certificate courses to anyone who wants to take part.

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A 100-year solution to a modern problem

Kurt Hahn could not have known how absurd spectatorship would become when he coined the phrase 100 years ago.

Welcome to Mexico

We are so happy to be hosting OB International's Americas' Staff Symposium 2020 in our beautiful, little town of Valle de Bravo. We're located about 2 hours west of Mexico City by car or by bus. Surrounded by mountains, a lake and wonderful views, Valle de Bravo is visited every year by thousands of tourists.

The stone broth

This broth or soup is an offering made by the men of the village to honor their women folk.

Stronger Mexico: Pillars of positive peace

From March 1 to 4, 2019 will take place in the Hacienda of San Miguel Regla, in Hidalgo, the II national meeting "A stronger Mexico: Pillars of positive peace". This initiative brings together 150 young leaders and change agents from across the country, who transform their communities positively.

Royal Holiday Foundation in Los Tuxtlas 2018

OB México offers programs that give young people at risk constructive alternatives for the future. Our courses do not give the solution to the participant but help them to discover that the solution is within oneself, that a disadvantaged past does not have to mean a disadvantaged future.
Peace Building

Peace Building Hong Kong 2018

Thank you Nick Cotton, Mike Armstrong and the entire OB Hong Kong community for their warm hospitality during this week of training. It was a pleasure to have given the experiential course in peace building in Hong Kong to a group of so committed and passionate educators.


Tourism in Nature germinates socio-environmental awareness from a subtle and sensitive space, thus affecting to a greater extent the behavior of people.

Peace Building NY

In honor of the International Day of Peace Celebration, on September 21st, 2017 within Battery Park in Castle Clinton Plaza, New York, students, teachers and representatives of municipal, State, national and Internationals who joined in the event "visualizing the Pillars of peace" to connect diverse communities to the shared responsibility of sustaining and investing in peace.

10 Tips for your first expedition

Don't plan your route too much. I love studying maps more than it is probably healthy, but it's always fun to have surprises along the way. Plan the essentials: where to find food and water, but not all landmarks or milestones.
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