Live it and you'll learn it...

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School Experiences

A deeper understanding is achieved

Of the subjects seen in the classroom

Open experiences

Unique expeditions within the

Biosphere reserves and areas

Protected naturals of our country.

Team Building

The opportunity to transform individuals from an organization through the challenge.

Outward Bound Mexico

We are a school that promotes the development of students and professionals through experiential learning, supported by our humanity, the knowledge of our instructors, the nature of our routes, and the strong links we have with local cultures.

Experiential Learning

Outward Bound is internationally recognized as a leader and pioneer in providing experiential education through outdoor activities with extraordinary experiences that promote the personal and professional development of participants.

An OB Mexico experience changes your life


OB México has a huge diversity of programs, a spectacular variety of expeditions, course areas, base camps, venues and unique adventures to make you live an unforgettable experience. Kayak, rafting, mountaineering, camping, rappelling... you imagine, and we organize it!

Facilitated by highly trained and experienced staff the variety of experiences we offer around Mexico is incredible. The bio-cultural richness of each ecosystem and varied adventure activities we can offer give us the possibility to offer programs that adapt to virtually any need.

Education should allow young people to do what they have recognized as correct, despite the difficulties, despite the dangers, despite the inner skepticism, despite the boredom, and despite the mockeries of the world.

– Kurt Hahn

OB Mexico also sponsors participants. In order to be able to offer our programs to low-income youth in Mexico, a percentage of the income of all our courses is destined to this fund. Social programs. We hope that with your contributions we will be able to help young people  to have the opportunity to live a life-changing expedition. Donate now, every contribution makes a difference.